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“She explains things in a way I can understand and makes sure I know it well. She’s the best teacher I’ve had.” – Rachel

"Li-San has been teaching my twin daughters since they were 4 years old. She is a very talented, patient and amazing piano teacher. She is very generous in sharing her piano skills and passion in music. We will miss you dearly and may you have all the best in life! Thanks for giving my daughters 5 years of happy memories and precious knowledge!" - Caryl, parent

“Li-San finds ways of teaching that suit my needs. She's creative and motivates practice by introducing really fun and engaging practising routines that are quick and easy to learn!

Other teachers I've been to were rigid on repertoire I learnt and always delivered a traditional lesson with the same routine. That got quite boring!

Li-San is flexible and very passionate. I have learnt a great deal from her.” – Serene

"Li-San provides an introduction to piano at an age appropriate level for my 3 ½ year old. My daughter is learning not only the foundations & techniques required to play piano but also developing a general appreciation and love of music. The lessons are well prepared with plenty of activities to capture the interest and imagination of young children." - Nicole, parent

“Li-San’s lessons are more fun and relaxed than other teachers were. Li-San tells you what you need to improve on but also says the things you are doing well.” – Monique

“I like the way she explains in detail how to do something. She focuses on the weak points.” – Eesha

“Piano lessons with Li-San are enjoyable and relaxed. She'll be there to correct your flaws, encourage you and to support decisions you make. In the end you find yourself playing out of your own motivation with Li-San tutoring you in how to do what you want to do. Most of the other teachers force you to do what they want you to do. Li-San lets you choose.” – Matthew

"Li-San actually motivates me to learn new songs and I enjoy this. She doesn't scream at me. My previous teacher made my liking of piano different to now, because she always used to make me repeat passages so many times more. I hardly practised and I never looked forward to lessons. But now, I look forward to lessons and practise more than before. The pieces Li-San teaches me are better and more enjoyable - it's cool :) " - Heidi

"I like playing new songs and fixing the mistakes - also sight reading and theory. You can understand it more easily and quickly. I enjoy playing the piano and being taught by Li-San" - Joyce

"Li-San has current connection to the industry, prepares the students for exams and motivates students to real goals. [My child has had] great improvement and motivation, reaching her goal for the year." -  Eugenia, parent

"Li-San explains every topic clearly and precisely. She has a great passion for music, therefore becoming a role model for all students" - Brendan

“It’s always fun to practice with her. She helped me be better in piano by helping me in the things I do wrong. My past teachers didn’t help me, they were like “yep that’s good” when I had lots of mistakes. She’s probably the best out of my past teachers.” – Daniel

“She is very patient, and will keep correcting you until you get it right, [and not blow up :)] detailed, and is very well prepared during lessons. You can tell that she really loves music, and has a deep understanding of what she is teaching. I understood what I needed to achieve in order to play well, and she was very encouraging throughout the lessons.” – Lydia

“She works at my level so I never feel lost during a piano lesson. I’ve improved heaps and it doesn’t even feel like I’m doing lots of work. She’s always patient, understanding and fun” – Elaine

"Li-San has been a wonderful teacher for our two children.  She is reliable, responsible and keeps communication door open.  She is able to keep student moving by relationship building."  - Anselm and Helena, parents

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