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Studio Policy

In setting down the following policy it is Li-San’s desire to develop a harmonious relationship with students and their parents, so that her students will have an enjoyable educational experience.


  • Full payment of tuition fee and books by the term is due on the 1st lesson of each term as detailed in an invoice.
  • Tuition fee is non-refundable.

Missed Lessons

  • Please notify Li-San as soon as possible (text preferred) if missing a lesson. 
  • Missed make up lessons or lessons missed without notice are forfeited. 
  • Li-San will notify students if she cannot teach on a particular day. 
  • Lessons missed by Li-San will be made up or credited to next term’s tuition.        


  • Students are expected to be prepared for their lesson, and bring all books.
  • Li-San requires that students have a well tuned piano or keyboard in their home for practice within the first 3 weeks of lessons starting.
  • A weighted 88 key digital piano or acoustic piano is recommended. A good quality piano is essential for developing sensitive touch and listening skills.


Goal oriented and focused practice is crucial in order for a student to progress. Li-San recommends that students practice at least 5 days a week. 

Li-San suggests the following times for daily practice:

  • Beginners - 20 minutes
  • Intermediate - 40 minutes
  • Advanced - 60 minutes
  • Diploma – 90 minutes

Parental Supervision and Involvement

The parent is not required to stay in the studio. Student's assignments will be marked with a date and comments in the piano books, or written in a notebook. If the child is 6 years or older, parents do not need to supervise their child's practice, but can remind their child to practice. 

Performance Classes

Students are encouraged to attend monthly 70 minute performance classes, where they perform for a few other students their age or ability, as part of their training. Students play music related games, and always have fun around other students. The date and fee of $25 is noted in the invoice for each term when appropriate. If the student can't attend class, please note this in replying to the invoice.

Studio Agreement

  • Li-San is not responsible for any injuries sustained on the studio site.
  • Li-San has the right to discontinue teaching any student who portrays inappropriate conduct or who fails to respect the studio policy.