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Piano Lessons Curriculum - Tailored To The Individual

Lessons and materials used are always tailored to the individual student, according to their age, ability, goals, interests and personality. Every student is slightly different and I know exactly what to do to help them achieve their goals in the most enjoyable and effective way possible. Below are some examples of materials I like to use. 

For beginners age 3-5 years I use a combination of KinderBach Materials, Irina Gorin's Tales of a Musical Journey, and elements of the method "We Hear and Play", which both emphasize ear training, a strong sense of rhythm and the ability to read music through the use of coloured notes or fun characters. We then progress onto First Piano Adventures or Alfred's Premier Piano Course, where students learn to read on the music staff without the aid of coloured notes. Most students do this quickly, if they are trained early with fun flashcards, software or apps. Your child will want to show you how fast they can learn!

For school aged beginners I like to use the Alfred's Premier Piano Course because it has a steadily paced and fun approach to learning the piano. The way sight reading is introduced is ideal because students learn to read by patterns and landmark notes rather than getting used to reading finger numbers and being trapped in one hand position (like other popular methods). CD's are included with the Lesson and Performance books so that students can hear a practice and performance speed at home. Performance, sight reading and technique is well integrated in this series, and provides a wonderful foundation for progressing through higher levels of piano. The Alfred's Premier Piano Course has many other supplementary books including Technique, Jazz, Rags and Blues, Christmas, Masterworks and Pop and Movie Hits. 

I also like to use other materials in my lessons, such as the Irina Gorin's Tales of a Musical Journey, Hal Leonard, Piano Adventures, Alfred's Famous and Fun books, and many other books, particularly those with instrumental accompaniments or duets. Students are encouraged to bring music they would like to learn, and I can make suggestions for supplementary pieces. 

While the Premier Piano Course is designed for school aged students, even adult pianists have had success learning from the Alfred's Premier Piano Course. However, depending on their musical taste or personal preference, adults may prefer using another method to learn to play the piano, which Li-San can accommodate. 

Computer Lab Time - Unique To Li-San's Piano Studio

A unique aspect of Li-San's Piano Studio is the use of a computer lab in which students will be able to revise and add to the knowledge of the concepts they learn in the piano lessons. These include activities that will greatly improve sight reading ability and aural skills, and widen theory knowledge and its application in music composition. Students make much faster progress in their music playing and listening skills when taking their piano lessons in combination with computer lab sessions. All school aged children (age 6 years +) are advised to use the computer lab, while for adults, it is optional. 

Li-San will always supervise the first computer lab session to show the student how to use the computer software and assignment book. In the following lab sessions, if the student is old enough, they will work more independently. Li-San might have another student scheduled for a piano lesson during computer lab time for older students. If this is the case, then the student will have noise cancelling headphones to use at the computer, and lessons are at a discounted rate. The computer lab is equipped with a computer, midi keyboard, headphones, and a wide variety of music software including SibeliusMusic Ace Maestro, Children's Music Journey, Piano Suite Premier, Alfred's Interactive Musician,Auralia and Musition

Tuition Fees 2017

Li-San aims to provide the most fun and effective lessons. Li-San is a full time professional piano teacher, and is totally committed to the enjoyment, improvement and eventual musical independence of each student. Tuition includes weekly sessions at the studio, which can be either individual or partner lessons. 

Full amount for the term is paid in advance of a 5-week term, as detailed in an invoice. If the student needs any books, the teacher will buy necessary books for students and add the cost in the invoice. Those taking online piano lessons will buy their books independently. Books can be bought from Sheet Music Plus

Individual Piano Lessons

Tuition for a 5 week term: 

a) 45 minute lesson = $210

b) 60 minute lesson (could include 20 minutes of computer session) = $280  

Trial Piano Lessons

New students may take a couple of trial lessons before committing to regular lessons. I find that doing 2 lessons rather 1 is better at determining how interested a child is in learning, as the student can do the homework with the expectation of showing the teacher the following week.

Trial lesson fee: $85 for a 2x45 minute lessons or $115 for 2x60 minute lessons. 

The 60 minute lessons could include supervised computer lab time.

Discounts for Referrals

Receive $20 discount on your next term for each referred student who has taken a 5 week term of lessons.   

Performance Classes

After 3 months of lessons, students are encouraged to attend 60 minute performance classes, where they perform for other students as part of their training. Students play music related games, and always have lots of fun around other students. Performance classes are usually held once per month on a Saturday afternoon, and consist of 3-6 students. The date and fee of $25 is noted in the invoice when appropriate. 

Online Piano Lessons

Students who live far away may choose lessons through Skype/Facetime. An advantage of online lessons is that you can take a lesson wherever you are in the world with a professional teacher. We need internet connection, laptop with a webcam and microphone or an iPad or smartphone placed next to your piano, and you're ready for your lesson. You need to position your camera so that it shows a clear view of your hands on the keyboard, and position your computer monitor, laptop or iPad so that you can clearly see the screen. 

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